How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

What Is Your Routine Like?

When you want to figure out how many times a week you want to wash your hair, you must look at your routine first. Do you workout a lot which causes you to sweat a lot? Do you spend most of your time outdoors in the sun, heat and pollution? Do you work with your hair down or is it free flowing?

When working in the heat or the sun, you are bound to sweat a lot, which can cause your hair to look greasy and dirty. Also, keeping your hair down at all times also accumulates sweat and dirt: In these cases, you might want to wash your hair after every 2 days or so.

On the first day, you can get away with using dry shampoo. It not only cleanses but can enhance your styling!

Try Dry Shampoo

Some shampoos can strip moisture out of your hair, and it is not suggested generally to wash your hair every day.

A rule of thumb is to wash your hair after every 3 to 4 days, or once every week. But with busy life activities and hectic schedules, your hair is bound to get dirty after a day or two. This is where dry shampoo will be your saving grace. Having a dry shampoo on hand is very helpful, as it will help to refresh your hair, without you having to wash it. Interesting, right? Dry shampoo absorbs the unwanted moisture and oil from your scalp and hair, making it look like you just washed your hair without actually stepping in the shower!

Dry shampoo also makes your hair smell amazing, and it reduces the oil buildup in your scalp. Using a dry shampoo, you can go 4 to 5 days without washing your hair. Isn’t that amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a dry shampoo right now!

Treat Your Scalp Right

Do you know why your hair gets oily and dirty? One of the reasons is your scalp not being healthy. A healthy scalp promotes better hair growth and less greasiness. Make sure your scalp is healthy. A big sign of an unhealthy dry scalp is dandruff.

So when shampooing, it is suggested that you massage your scalp thoroughly and vigorously, this will release the dandruff from the base of your scalp, allowing your scalp and hair follicles to breathe.

Scalp treatments are also a great idea. Massaging is one of the most effective ways you can increase your scalp’s health. It increases blood circulation and makes your hair look healthy too.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

Yes, you heard it right. Don’t over-wash your hair. This can lead the scalp to being dry and can cause hair breakage as well. Washing your hair every day is not suggested by hair specialists and dermatologists. Sometimes, shampoos can lead to dry and unhealthy scalps as well because some shampoos contain an ingredient called Sulphates. Sulphates are not good for your hair. They can turn your hair grey earlier and weaken hair as well. As mentioned previously, the best routine to follow for hair washing is every 3 to 4 days or once a week. This routine will help your hair to stay healthy and strong. You can also use sulfate free shampoos for healthier hair!

So, there you have it. It all boils down to these simple facts. Now you can have a clear idea on how many times a week you should wash your hair.

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