History Of Pedicures

Everyone loves a pedicure! A foot massage, after soaking your feet in nice hot water, leaves your feet and legs feeling renewed and rejuvenated. The process of a pedicure helps to remove dry skin and restore feet, cuticles and toenails, its also an amazing treat when your are pregnant to help those pesky swollen feet get some time to relax! Women and men have been getting pedicures for years: treating their legs and feet to a relaxing massage and painting their nails in a fun color to show off in their favorite sandals, but have you ever wondered where the idea of pedicures came from? Are pedicures a product of the 21st century or does the history go a little deeper?

Tracing the Origins

According to many sources, the history of pedicures goes back 4000 years to the civilizations of Babylon, China, and Egypt and it was then that this practice of looking after one’s feet started. It might seem surprising but if you think about these civilizations and analyze their culture, you will realize that their women were often treated in a queen-like manner or were aristocratic especially in Egyptian culture.
Also, some people even go as far as to say pedicures started in India or the subcontinent because of the practice of putting henna on nails and then gradually it became fashionable. Some mention the French manicure of 1975 to be the reason behind the origin of pedicures.


It is said that many writings have been found about the civilization of Babylonia, which shows that the men and women of Babylon used gold tools for giving themselves pedicures. These tools were so expensive that to getting a pedicure was for the rich noble men and women. Thus, to have pedicures done became a sign of wealth and prestige. The people used kohl to decorate their nails and the color used for nail paint was according to their class. The lower class wore green while the upper class used to wear black.


It was in 3000 BC in ancient China that the women and men of higher classes started getting pedicures done and nails painted to show that they belonged to royal families. Even at that time, it was a practice common for both men and women. Royal Ming Dynasty writings show that the noble class used to wear red and black nail paint.


Egyptians are traced back to 2300 BC as the time when they started getting pedicures. Carvings on Pharaoh’s tombs show that the Egyptians gave a lot of attention to their feet and the highest classes used red paint to distinguish themselves. It is said that there are either carvings or paintings present which show Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti who used to paint their nails red which also proves the practice of pedicures.

Greek Mythology

The Romans are also not forgotten on the path to trace the origins and it is said that the Greek God of love, Eros was the first manicurist when he cut Aphrodite’s nails when she was asleep, which later on led to pedicures too.

History shows that pedicures are a treatment worth trying: not only for a great time of relaxation, but to keep your feet and toenails healthy! Most of us spend many hours a day on our feet and forget that they need TLC as well. Treat your feet so they can keep you walking forward with confidence!

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