History Of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Products

The marvelous makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin launched his namesake beauty brand Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. This beauty line was established in 2001, and to this day, in 2021, the brand and its products are a reflection of the founder. Read the blog if you want to know more about the history of “Kevyn Aucoin Beauty” and its most iconic products.

At A Glance

The philosophy behind this beauty brand is what attracts the customers towards it, besides Kevyn’s name. The brand claims to help its consumers find their natural identity and to help them boost their courage and confidence. And all of their beauty tools are the products that help customers ace their natural beauty. Sounds intriguing, right?

Well, let’s explore the products and see what Kevyn has to offer.

About The Founder

The late American makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin earned fame throughout the years during his career with his exceptional makeup techniques. He was a star not only for the makeup enthusiasts but for the Hollywood celebrities as well. His list of Fans include:

  • Cindy Crawford
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Kate Moss

Kevyn helped a number of people learn makeup techniques backstage and through his books. According to him, since the age of eleven, he knew he wanted to be a makeup artist. He had an exceptional portfolio with working experience at Vogue, Allure, Revlon, Cosmopolitan, and Shiseido.

His books include
  • The Art Of Makeup
  • Making Faces
  • Face Forward

Through these books, he tried teaching people his techniques as much as he could. And the same thing is reflected in his beauty products. Each and every product was carefully designed by him where he tried putting his signature techniques. His purpose was to let everyone experience his style.

The Best Of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

1. Contour And Highlight Duo

Kevyn Aucoin’s Celestial Powder is the product worth mentioning first. Well, there’s a solid reason for it. You might be hearing this for the first time, but Kevyn was said to be the first artist to use the technique of “Inner corner highlight.” With a subtle shimmer in the corner, he lifted the eye, making it wider and brighter, giving the eyes a dimension.

This Celestial Powder is basically for this purpose. Also, it highlights the features that you want to enhance. The powder blends smoothly on your skin yet allows you to control the amount of glow.

2. Lip Definer

Before there were fillers, lip lining was a thing. And Kevyn Aucoin was a genius makeup artist knowing how to give your lips curves and shapes. His flesh-tone lip pencils are designed to create his signature style. That’s because before releasing his own line, he used to use flesh-tone lip pencils.

The lip liner pencil will naturally give your lips a fuller and plumper look. Also, you can extend your lip line if you wish to. The pencil moves smoothly over your lips, creating a perfect look.

3. The Sculpting Powder

If there’s a technique significantly associated with Kevyn, it was contouring. He was best known for this. And to make his technique usable for everyone, he launched the sculpting powder. It is perhaps the most iconic product of his brand. The powder is matte and comes in various shades to help sculpt and define your face.

The best thing about Kevyn’s products is that they’re approachable to everyone from a Hollywood celebrity to a makeup enthusiast. He made the products perfect and cost-friendly. You can simply use a contour brush to apply the sculpting powder on the hollows of your cheeks and under the chin in a 3 movement.

4. The Sensual Skin Enhancer

This is the product most of the users, including me, find very convenient to use. It is versatile, and so you can customize the use. Either use it as a brightening concealer or mix it with other products to use it as a foundation.

To cover up your dark circles and blemishes, use the sensual skin enhancer as a concealer and blend it with fingers for a more natural look. Also, mix it with the sensual skin primer by Kevyn Aucoin for a perfect finish.

5. Brow Pencil

Kevyn’s brow definer is perfect to use when in a hurry. The pencil is already shaped and ultra-thin making it the least possible to make a mistake. Also, the Vitamin E formula helps nourish each and every brow hair of yours individually, along with defining your brow. So, isn’t it a must-have beauty product for your next vacation?

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