Helpful Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lips

I know what you’re thinking right now. Why lips? Lips are always fine and dandy. Don’t you simply have to moisten them to keep them fresh? Maybe add in a lip balm from time to time or reduce the usage of makeup? But why though, lips were never a problem, were they?

Importance of Lip Care

The above speculations regarding lips is quite common. At a certain age or time, we have all wondered the same thing. Well believe it or not, lips require proper extensive care as well. Failing to provide your lips with pampering can very well cause blisters, chapped texture and other problems. Taking care of your lips is very important. The following points should be enough to change your mind:

  • It will allow you to obtain fuller and plump lips.
  • Your lips will look fresh.
  • Dryness surrounding lips or blisters will vanish.
  • You can finally get that perfect pout.
  • You will not need injections or medicines later onwards.
  • They will appear moist and fresh at all times.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Lips

If the above reasons convinced you then make use of the following tips to ensure the best results:

1. Use Lip Scrubs

Yes, there is a thing called lip scrub and you need it to add it to the list of your ever-growing skin products and use at least twice a week or three times if possible. Scrubbing allows the dead skin to vanish off and leave behind fresh beautiful lips.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can help you stay healthy. Your entire bodily functions work best when you remain hydrated. Similarly, your lips become vibrant because of water. The skin is regenerated and becomes exfoliated or full. The cracks disappear as well. But since the lips remain dry naturally due to absence of oil, water helps in keeping it moist and fresh.

3. Lip Balms or Petroleum Jelly

Using lip balms or petroleum jelly helps in keeping your lips oily. These oils help in building your lips or in other words removes the dead cells, cures the blisters and scraps. Treats the chapped lips to perfection and provides a good glossy look.

4. Sunblock SPF

Use proper sunblock on your lips because your lips can get severely affected by the sun just like the rest of your skin. Lips do not contain the UV protection enzyme hence using a sunblock keeps them safe and coated.

5. Wear Lipsticks

Wearing lipsticks when you go outside is actually very good for your lips. Lipstick provides a protective coating for the lips which keeps it away from harmful rays of sun and dirt etc.

Dos and Don’ts


1. While brushing, slowly brush on your lips and remove the dead skin.
2. Rinse with water.
3. Apply lip balm without having a tint or from a reputable company.


1. Do not lick your lips.
2. Do not eat the skin.
3. Do not use heavy products when your lips are infected.

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