Haircuts Through The Decades

Fashion trends constantly change with time and we know that sometimes a particular look gains popularity and everyone is suddenly wearing it! (Like in the end of 2018 we starting to see jean overalls make a huge comeback!) If it is a hairstyle, every woman heads to the salon and asks for the popular cut or color. If you talk about haircuts through the decades, you see a great change in hairstyles with time and each of them were exceptionally stunning. These are the popular female haircuts in each decade from 1900-2000:


In 1900, you would see great variation in hairstyles. The tightly made confined hairstyle from the Victorian age transformed into loose hairstyles. At this time some women had longer hair, and some had short however, both were popular. Despite the length of the hair, volume in the hair was most important.
Short hair – Hair styles made for short hair usually began from near the ears and were rolled up over the head also known as a ‘poofed’ up hairstyle. There were different ways to hold the hair in the place, for example: some used bows, some used barrettes while some covered their hair with a hat.
Long hair – Women with longer hair used to part their hair in the middle and leave the rest of the long wavy hair to flow down towards their shoulders.


In the early 1910s, the fashion was still the same as in 1900s, curly or ringlet hair flowing down and held with accessories like beaded headbands, bows, hats, fancy pins, etc. In the mid of 1910s the bob cut gained popularity. A bob haircut with ringlet curls was parted in the middle and a headband was worn, this style was known as “curtain hair”.


Both 1920s and 1930s were the era of bob hair. In 1920s bob hair was given a wave or curl around the ear and forehead. While, during the 1930s, hair was parted and given many curls all around the head. This gave the woman a very cool look and almost every female adopted this hairstyle loving the results!


1940s brought with it the fashion of victory rolls. Ladies started growing out their hair so they could make this hairstyle. This style looked undoubtedly very elegant and was especially used for a party or an outing. This was also the time when pinup hairstyles started to gain popularity.


The desire of long hair ended with the 1940s and short hair was admired again. Hair was usually curled and required a lot of effort for creating the perfect hairstyle. The famous hairstyles of that time were the pixie cut, French twist, beehive and petal coif hairstyle.


Hair was backcombed to create a bouffant. This bouffant style was derived from the flick-ups and beehive styles, but the hairstyles were made in such a way that the hair looked more voluminous than before. Some famous styles included: Paris curls, roller sets, French coiffures, the pageboy and the flips.


Different types of haircuts, such layered cuts and fringes, were introduced in this decade and the use of accessories was lessened. Hair was taking on a more a natural look and the main accessory used was a headband. Women also started to make braids and gel their hair.


Permed, fluffy, gelled, spiky, highlighted and sprayed hair was most common during the 1980s. One of the most famous haircuts of that era was the ‘mullet haircut: business in the front, party in the back.” Teenage girls with longer hair were rocking the side ponytail!


Even more natural hairstyles gained popularity in the 1990s. Hair was left to flow freely down the shoulder which looked even more fascinating than all the styles introduced before. We all remember the huge popularity of “The Rachel” haircut modeled after Jennifer Aniston’s character on “Friends.”


The 2000s has a mixture of all the styles that were ever adopted before. Women now had so many options for styling their hair and color/highlighting is often the driving force behind their style choices.
Hair trends throughout the decade varied incredibly and are still changing till today. However, each decade came up with a stunning and flawless style that will be remembered (and maybe recreated) for years to come! Comment and tell us your favorite hairstyle!

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