Guest Post with Suzie Gaffney!

Reasons to have your hair and makeup done:

a. you have a formal event to attend

b. you are getting your picture taken professionally (headshot, family photo, etc.)
c. you have a job interview

d. you are going on a date

e. you had a bad day, week or month

f. you had a great day, week or month

g. your only plans are to go spend the weekend at home in your pajamas or….h. ALL OF THE ABOVE!

It may sound silly but all of the events listed above are perfectly good reasons to treat yourself to an appointment where you have your hair and your makeup done. While both services are fantastic on their own, there is nothing quite like the phenomenal feeling you get when you have had your hair and makeup done by the experts. This is a sure-fire no-fail way to improve how you look and how you feel!
In my case I had been having a particularly busy month full of events, both for work and socially. For someone like me who is a true introvert, all the socialization and being out every night was starting to take a toll on my face, as well as my mental state. But it was mid December and I was in the thick of it with several more events to attend. One of them was co-hosting a “Night With The Fashionistas” at a J.Crew store. The event was an in-store fashion show held to showcase holiday looks and bring attention to a local non-profit, Wings for Success. When you know you are going to be in the company of fellow stylists you really feel the pressure to bring your A game. My game was feeling about a C- so it was time to call in reinforcements. Currie to the rescue, as usual!


First up was my hair appointment with Jeremy. Jeremy and I discussed where we were with color and decided to tone and brighten just a bit for that lived in multi-dimensional look that is perfect for hair like mine that goes weeks without color. This way new darker root growth blends in effortlessly. We also kept the length but added in a few layers at the sides. After a body-boosting blow dry Jeremy showed me how to wrap the hair around the curling wand and then tug at it just a bit after it is released. That gives the waves that beachy look that keep the curls from looking too formal.


Next it was over to Nicole for makeup. After a brief chat we decided to go with a strong and smokey eye (love falsies for the lashes!!) and a neutral lip, partially because I knew I would be doing a lot of speaking and didn’t want to be worried about reapplying lip color all night.





Tools of the Trade…


I ask a lot of questions and Nicole was so kind to answer them all. She is a true artist and loves to talk about her craft. She started working on my eyes before anything else which she explained to was so that if any shadow or liner fell, she could clean it up when she applied concealer and foundation. Definitely a new technique that I am now using.





With Nicole at Currie in their Glen Eagle Square location


Insider Tip –
My event wasn’t until 6pm and it was only noon, but I still wore the top I was going to be wearing to the event to the salon. This helps Jeremy with styling options (up, side, waves, straight) and it helps Nicole with the overall look and coloring we are going for.





At the event with my fellow “fashionistas”, feeling fabulous thanks to Currie!

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