Good Skincare is Important by Esthetician Teri Takacs.

Good Skincare is Important by Esthetician Teri Takacs.

Your esthetician can help you keep your skin springtime fresh and clear throughout the year. It’s time to exfoliate and rejuvenate dried out winter skin by bringing your skin out of hibernation and into eternal spring.

Your personal appearance is your best advertisement and your best confidence builder. Your overall health is reflected through your skin. Think of facials and skin treatments that will aid in renewal of skin cells, which is important because the dermis is where the new cells are born. For example: enzyme peels, chemical peels and hydrafacials are all great options! Your esthetician can recommend the best option based on your skin requirements and the time of your facial (keeping it seasonly appropriate). All of these options are available in the Currie Day Spa and can be tailored to your skin’s specific issues and needs.

Remember good skin care is not just for women! Men want and need it just as much as women do! There are even customized facials just for the guys! Adding a positive mental attitude, sound sleep, plenty of water and regular exercise can help enhance good skin that you’ve inherited.

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