Why Get A Self-Tanning Service?

As summer is just around the corner, it’s time to break out the self-service in the form of self-tanning. Self-tanning is just what your skin needs.
The first step for self-tanning is to choose your favorite self-tanner. The Apothecary at Currie offers a variety of tanner products for you to purchase, including products from St. Tropez, Tan Towel and Coola. There are gels, mousses, wipes and lotions so our advice is to try a few of the products. but the gels and lotions are usually the easiest to apply. Some tanners wash right off in the shower, while some last a week or more. In the Currie Day Spa you can schedule a self tanning service where an esthetician will utilize the St. Tropez products to give you a glistening tan, plus exfoliation if you choose!

Things To Do Before Self-Tanning

1. Smooth It Out

Preparing your skin for the tanning application is important. Don’t wax or use any oil-based skin products for at least a day before you apply the tanner. However, you should take a warm towel to open your pores and exfoliate the areas where you will apply the tanning product.

2. Preparation for Self-Tanning

Applying tanning lotion on top of stubble can leave blotches and spots so it will be good for you to shave before you tan. Be sure to dry off completely from the shower and put lotion only on the driest spots.

3. When to Apply Tanning

You should apply tanning at night so that the tan can develop during sleep and you can wash away an excess in the morning.

Why Should You Get A Self-Tanning Service?

When before getting a tan meant having to bake under the hot sun and risk being exposed to various skin diseases and even skin cancer, having a tan now no longer requires too much effort. And the result is as natural looking as you can get.

Getting a tan especially during the summer season is the thing to do because of the healthy and sexy look it can bring. Also, self-tanning is the most convenient alternative to sunbathing.

1. Self-Tanning Saves You from The Sun’s Harmful Ultra-Violet Rays
Sunless tanning or self-tanning is safer compared to natural tanning under the sun because you are not exposed to the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays.
2. Sunbathing
It is a fact that self-tanning gives a much better and even tan compared to sunbathing.
3. Self-Tanning Is Affordable
Self-tanning is afford because of its popularity and convenience: the Apothecary at Currie offers several at home options, plus our convenient hour service: ideal for brides before the big day!
Dangers of Box Tanning
A box tan can never be called healthy: long term effects of tanning can be the damage of skin, eyes and immune system, so be careful.

The Bottom Line

With a great tan, you will certainly have a healthy glow that will be outstanding. Visit the Apothecary at Currie Glen Mills to choose the ideal tanner for you, or visit a Currie esthetician for our safe self tanning spa experience now!

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