How to find the perfect hairdresser For You

We’ve all made unfortunate decisions before only to walk out of a salon with hair we didn’t like and probably some tears. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new city or you just needed a change here is simple effective advice on how to find the right stylist to suit your specific needs:

Ask Around

The best way to find a trusted stylist is through word of mouth. If you spot a cut or color you love on a friend or acquaintance (or even a perfect stranger), ask them which salon they go to and who they see there! “Second, ask the person what their own name is so you can tell your future stylist,” “Knowing who referred you will help the stylist understand what kind of aesthetic you like and who to thank for the reference.”

Book a blow dry

Book a blow dry to see whether or not you have chemistry with a new stylist it lets you preview their work and allows the two of you to get to know each other.

Products you like

You can visit product websites your familiar with and search for salons in your area. Manufacturers, like Redken or Kerastase, often have a salon locator on their website to find salons that carry the products or color that you use.

Use social media

Try a Google search like: “best salon in your area” or “best stylist.” Go on the salon’s website to see if it is organized, modern and easy to use. Check the site for images of the salon’s work! Try Instagram to see actual work of a salon or stylist: check the hashtag of your city to be connected to the salons in your area, such as #philadelphiastylist or #delawaresalon.

Make a Consultation Appointment

The very best way is to call a salon that has a great reputation and talk to a salon coordinator. Explain what your looking for and ask which stylist is in the price range that suits your needs. The stylist you see should talk to you about your needs and recommend accordingly. You should like them and feel at ease: they should be easy to talk to and have solutions to your problems. The more comfortable they make you feel: the more successful your appointment will be. Bring pictures to show the style you want to achieve!

Its important to dress like you usually do: don’t come in dressed casually if you usually wear business suits all week, so them the “real” you. Tell them what has disappointed you in the past, concerning your hair, and whats made you happy. Allow them to suggest things that would work better for you.

Remember making a strong connection with a hairdresser and listening to their recommendations will help you achieve a look you want as well as keep you current. A good stylist should always recommend what products to use to maintain your look and also help you with styling lessons so you can maintain the style at home. The right beauty professional will help you stay current, look your best and become a trusted advisor.

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