Fall Fashion Forecast by Guest Blogger- Wardrobe Expert Suzie Gaffney

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! From animal prints to faux fur, fashion has gone decidedly fun this season. The rules are out the window as patterns and textures of every kind are being mixed up together. This is great for the eye but can provide a challenge for how to put it all together in a way that works for you. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Read on to see how I am breaking down some of my favorite trends and how to wear them.

Animal prints are always in, but this season they can be found everywhere on everything. To keep things sophisticated pick an animal print that is on a classic shape. Animal prints on a classic loafer, ballet flat or even a sneaker make something that can sometimes be seen as conservative into a fun accessory that will totally make a basic t-shirt and jeans. Want to take it a little further? Try a blazer cut jacket in one of these prints, again keeping the rest of your outfit clean and simple.


Continuing on the animal theme is faux fur. From runways to real life, this is a great addition to add something different to your wardrobe. The trick with pulling off this look is to not take it too seriously. So play up the faux part and keep it fun by dressing it down, as opposed to pairing it with a cocktail dress. Try it back to jeans, a dressier boot or heel, and a white or black blouse for a festive dinner or night out with the girls.





Or try a vest over leggings and cashmere sweater with boots for a classic layered look that can work for day or night.


Speaking of boots, the ankle boot is still here and still great, but the over-the-knee boot is making a steady rise to becoming a wardrobe game changer. The challenge with this one is to avoid the whole Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” image, which shouldn’t be too hard if you stay away from patent and fishnet stockings. I don’t believe in hard and fast fashion rules, but there are some general guidelines that I give to my clients who want to try this look. First off, consider the heel of the boot and the texture of the boot. Higher heels are trickier to pull off as the over the knee boot look is inherently a little more risqué and a little sexier. However, if you go too flat and too tall up over the knee, you risk a look more similar to Peter Pan than “Pretty Woman”.


For the most versatile style look for a 2-3 inch block style heel. This heeled style looks great in a suede type of fabric (gray, black, taupe) back to a fitted leggings with a longer sweater.








Want to try it out with skinny denim? Opt for brown or gray for a softer look than black with the denim. With this type of look you can opt with a shorter sweater on the top. Try a scarf or a cardigan or 3/4 jacket to balance the look.





And if heels are not for you try a classic style like the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boot (stretch in the back, suede in the front), for a timeless look that works with leggings or a dress.

And yes, all of these so called “trends” work for all ages. As long as you feel comfortable and confident, you can wear anything you want. I promise! The most important thing is to adapt the trend to you and your style preferences, and not the other way around. One of my favorite quotes is by the always stylish and forever beautiful Lauren Hutton.

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