Hot Fashion Trends For Winter

Winter is the season to bring out the outerwear, play with color, and add chic layers. As the year progresses, so do the hottest styles. From designer showrooms and runways to street style fashion, there have been plenty of fresh looks to try this year. From neutral color combinations to bright shades, there is something for everyone. On top of that, norms are rapidly being redefined, and fashion must also continue to adapt to a new way of being. Incorporate these fashion trends into your wardrobe to keep you stylish and warm throughout the cold-weather season!

Brightly Color Suits

Who says the winter season must be dull? Make a statement from your virtual office meeting to drinks with your friends in a bright suit, while wearing a matching mask of course! These pops of color brighten everyone’s day and elevate your wardrobe instantly. Rather than go for traditional shades, try your hand at something loud, such as blue or red. Find a hue that best suits your skin tone and rock it in its entirety. Add accessories like a bold clutch bag and a pair of funky heels. It’s a versatile option that allows you to stand out amongst the crowd.

Natural Tones All Over

This is one of the longest-lasting trends for the past few seasons, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon! Monochromatic and neutral outfits are easy to replicate and it looks great on everyone. Choose from a sandy-colored suit, or matching leather skirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with varying shades of this neutral tone – try sand, camel, or even buff. The opportunities are endless, and it is a timeless option for anyone’s closet.

Puffer Coats

Made popular with recent TikTok trends, the puffy coat is back in style from the 2000’s. An article on Trendsetters states, “Take a cue from the runways of Prada and Dior to make a fashion-forward puffer jacket an integral part of your outfit— even if only for a corner store run.” This coat is making such a big come-back, it’s even on runways! When online shopping for a new puffy coat, you can be extra by looking for details like deep-set side pockets, cinched waists, and non-traditional zipper placements that will help tackle sub-zero temps with style!

Tiger Prints

Every season, there’s a new animal print in style and this season, we’re going crazy for tiger patterns. Do you think this has anything to do with the Tiger King obsession from quarantining in March? This funky and fresh print is a great way to liven up a monochrome outfit without going overboard. Add a pair of blue jeans into the mix, and don’t be afraid to play with patterned accessories or shoes. Don’t forget to have fun with this trend, it’s wild afterall!

Chain Necklaces and Hoop Earrings Combo

Nothing sounds more chic in 2020 than a simple gold chain necklace worn with a little hoop earring. These classic jewelry options are timeless in design and work with every type of outfit. Due to quarantine, people don’t dress up as often as they used to , but add a little “golden spice” to your hoodie and now you’re a chic girl on the runway! Try a gold or silver piece for a traditional feel, or add a little color into your outfit with a statement piece! You’ll want to rock this combo every day, no matter where you’re heading.

Knits are back

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t seen the latest trend of wearing a white collared shirt with a knitted sweater? I personally feel this trend is going to stick for a long time. Style your knits with mom jeans for a Gen Z feel or pair a short sleeve knit over a dress and style the pieces with a blazer and boots for the perfect layered look that stands out from the crowd. There are perfect no-sleeve knits that are oversized just enough for layering over a dress!


If the pandemic has given us anything, it’s that there’s a renewed sense of perspective on fashion, that you can make it your own while staying trendy and comfy! As the countless “lockdown looks” posted on social media in the last few months show, wearing good clothes can lift the spirits. Wear jewelry for yourself, wear that bright red lipstick around the house, and keep in mind that you can rock every outfit!

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