Everything About Adult Acne You Should Know

As you pass your teenage years, you start fantasizing about having a flawless skin with no acne and a completely smooth skin, but who said that acne is only for teenagers? Acne can pop up in your adult years as well. But there is no need to freak out, you can get rid of it. Here are some causes, symptoms and treatment for adult acne:

Causes of Adult Acne

1. Imbalanced Hormones

Overproduction or fluctuation of hormones in either males or females can cause acne in adults. Hormonal changes keep on occurring at almost every step of life especially in females. Hormones such as: testosterone, progesterone and estrogen are usually responsible for adult acne.

2. Stress

Sometimes, acne in adults breakouts as a cause of stress. When you stress about something, your adrenal glands produce a stress hormone known as cortisol which opens up the pores of your skin and causes pimples, which often can cause stress about that pimple and ultimately cause more acne! A vicious cycle indeed!

3. The Products You Use

If you see acne on your face then you should give your products and especially their ingredients a look as they can be a cause. Determine your type of your skin and choose products according to it’s need. Try to pick up products that are comedogen free.

4. Environmental Factors

If you live in a busy city and have to go outside very often then you are likely to have acne in your adult age. Pollution can contribute to acne breakouts, so whenever you go outside try to cover your face in order to prevent yourself from dust and dirt.

5. Medications

If you are on medication then they can also be a cause. Your medicines might be doing some adverse reactions on your face due to which you face sudden breakouts. In this situation, consult your doctor so that your medicines can be replaced if they are a cause.


There is a variety of acne symptoms depending upon the intensity of the condition. Some common symptoms include:
1. You would notice some closed pores on your face usually known as “Whiteheads”
2. Opposite of whiteheads, open pores can also be seen which are known as “Blackheads”
3. Some pimples with pus at the tips
4. Tender, small and red bumps
5. Solid, larger and more painful lumps underneath the epidermis of skin which are called “Nodules”
6. Lumps filled with pus and larger in size under the skin surface known as “Cystic lesions”

How To Deal With Adult Acne

It is not like you can never get rid of your adult acne. Of course, you can. There are many ways to deal with it either with a dermatologist’s help or by some home remedies, such as:

1. Medications

Your doctor would either prescribe you the topical medicines or the oral medicines. However, both are effective in overcoming adult acne and getting back your smooth and soft skin. But, you have to be patient for that and take the medicines on time.

2. Therapies

You can get any of the following therapies to get of the acne. Therapies include;
A. Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads – There are some tools that are used to remove the blackheads and the whiteheads from your skin. These extractions can be done as part of facial service in the Currie Day Spa.
B. Chemical peels – This process includes chemicals such as; retinoic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These chemicals are applied on to your skin repeatedly as single application is not long lasting enough. A chemical peel is a more medical type of facial and shows greater results with more appointments.
C. Advanced Skincare– There are many professional grade product lines carried at salons and spa that will help fight the signs and symptoms of acne.

There is no need to panic about your adult acne as there are a number of treatments available and you are not the only one facing this problem.

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