Difference Between Using At Home Box Color And Having Your Hair Done Professionally In The Salon

Your hair color contributes a lot in adding beauty to your physical appearance and dying your hair is indeed a crucial task. Women are so much concerned about their hair color and want to nail every hair dye they try. Some women when think about tinting their hair for the very first time, they get confused between dying their hair at home using a store bought box color or going to a salon and get it done by professional hands. Well, if you are one of those confused females then you have come to the right place. Here are the main differences between the two options.

1. Bespoke Coloring

The foremost difference between both the methods is of bespoke coloring. Bespoke coloring means understanding your hair type, skin tone, and natural hair color and then making tints for you which doing so is not possible with box color. You wouldn’t get perfection even if you use a home kit. The purpose of consultation with an expert in a salon is to take a dye that suits your complexion, face shape and balance with your natural hair tone. Doing so would result in a multidimensional and natural look of your hair which can’t be achieved by dying your hair with box color. There is a possibility that you might miss out some hair or the color doesn’t suit you which would end up in the worst outcome making you disappointed and angry at the same time.

2. Cost

Doing your hair dye on your own with some store bought box color and having your hair dye done completely with expert hands are two opposite things hence, there is a notable price difference between both because:

1. Both products contain different raw materials.

2. Box pack color might not have the multi-tonal colors required by your hair.

3. Professionals de your hair in a way that they look layered, dramatic and shinier than before which you can’t expect from a box color.

4. Using box color regularly dulls off your hair’s natural shine and tone.

5. The professionals that do your hair dye are amazingly skilled having years of training and past experience so pay for their expertise as well.

The aforementioned reasons are why you have a price difference between doing your hair color on your own at home and consulting an expert for best results.

3. Application Matters

As mentioned above, you can miss out some areas or can’t apply the dye evenly throughout your hair while dying your hair on your own. The uneven application would give the results which you would never want. Besides, you should have a sharp eye on the time as it is the key feature of having perfectly colored hair. But when it comes to salon dying, you can lay back on the chair, relax and get your hair done flawlessly with the expectations of best end results.

4. Damage and Developer

Box color contains much higher volume i.e. ranging from 20 to 40. However, this is the value needed to get a darker shade or to cover your grey hair. But if you use the product regularly or apply more than one coat of dye to your hair can cause serious damage to your hair because of such higher value of volume developer. The box colors are over processed which used continuously or on pre-colored hair would cause serious breakage and damage to the hair. Whereas in the salons, hair colorants are made using natural materials depending upon the requirements of your hair which don’t cause much damage and breakage to the hair.

5. Conditions

You might not know the best hair conditions required before applying the dye which can be another reason for unsatisfactory results. But in a salon under expert care, they would provide you all the treatments required to reach the best conditions using conditioning products before starting off your hair coloring so that you would get the best and a flaunting look. Furthermore, they would also use after color products to lock and secure your hair dye and boost up the shine of your hair.

6. Formulation

Box color only has the basic materials and chemicals required for a standard color and the product isn’t also designed for different hair types but for every type which doesn’t suit everyone’s hair and results in unpredictable and displeasing results. On the other hand, salon color formulation consists of salon color, stylist technique, best materials required for your hair type and hence gives out the desired and enthralling results.

The next time you think to tint your hair, make sure you keep the above-mentioned things in your mind to refrain from any sort of damage.

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