Circadia: Behind the Brand

The Story of Circadia

Circadia is a renowned skin care brand that is centered on your body’s natural circadian levels. When exposed to the outer environment everyone’s skin reacts differently. Your skin needs protection from the potential damage caused during the day and then healing at night during sleep. Our bodies work in mysterious ways. The regeneration of skin stem cells is one of a kind. Skin gets damaged and then repairs on its own, keeping you young and glowing, but when this process gets interrupted it causes wrinkled, aged sagging skin. The very essence of Circadia products revolves around maintaining the healing cycle of your skin to its original state.

Circadia’s line of products is massive with skincare products that deliver premium results. Their product makes use of a paraben-free preservative system and the most technically advanced ingredients to cure aging and wrinkled skin, pigmentation problems, acne and rosacea.

Circadia was founded by the globally recognized, Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, MD. After decades of research and devoting most of his life to understanding the skin and its quality to deliver clinical and essential information regarding development of product that will upgrade the quality of skin itself. Now Dr. Peter T. Pugliese at the age of 91 remains zealous and passionate about his work and strives to continue to serve the public with his inspiration voice.

The Products

Circadia’s vast product line includes cleansers, masks, chemical peels, moisturizers, enzymes, Oxygen Rx, pillowcases, and other skin care products that treat acne, pigmentation problems, dehydrated skin, aging skin, rosacea and more. The formulation of the products combine pure botanical, stem cells, second generation vitamins, and advanced peptide technology to enhance the regeneration of skin stem cells to restore young and bright skin.


Circadia’s products make use of natural ingredients for the formation of their exquisite skincare products. Plant extracts obtained from flowers, herbs, nuts, and berries, are rich in antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin from bacterial exposures keeping it smooth and bright.


Going deep into an object the basic building block of the object is a cell. Amino acids are a like the building blocks of the protein molecule. When two amino acids combine they make up a peptide. Peptides are responsible for enhancing the health of your skin: tightening and firming it. Peptides masks offered by Circadia contain anti-inflammatory properties that prevents acne and blemishes on the skin. It is highly recommended for skin types that are sagging, wrinkly and damaged due to excessive sun exposure.

Chemical Peels

Exfoliation can do wonders to your skin. It will remove acne, dark spots and blemishes bringing out fresh, bright skin within a week’s time. Circadia chemical peels do not contain harsh chemicals that can potentially damage your skin further. Using all natural products, the chemical peels are suitable for all skin types not inviting harshness, irritation or any sort of allergic reaction.

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