The “why” behind olive oil!

Olive oil has always been used as a beauty treatment for its cosmetic properties. The Phoenicians called it “liquid gold” and Egyptians used it for softening skin and restoring hair brilliance. It is with this history and a deep knowledge of Italian territory that we introduce Carrello by Currie Olive and Lavender line. The Carrello by Currie line of olive and lavender is comprised of gentle products crafted from natural Italian biological olive oil and selected raw materials of Azienda Del Carmine in Ancona, Italy. Made in Italy and guaranteed for quality, Carrello by Currie is created with traditional Italian values and combines science and elegance for natural, gentle and healthy products that truly perform.

Carrello by Currie is holistic in nature, with products for hair, lips, face and skin. We have combined years of science and experience to transform natural and traditional ingredients for modern results. The products ingredients include olive oil, honey, almond and shea butter, aloe, pomegranate and other plant-based materials for nourishing results. Carrello by Currie Olive and Lavender line is paraben free, sles and sls free, mineral oil and silicon free and dea free. Attention is paid to the entire production of the line starting with the cultivation of olive oil to the quality of each final product found in the Olive and Lavender line!

Crafted from high-quality ingredients, Carrello by Currie Olive and Lavender line holds regenerating properties by using plant extracts along with refreshing lavender, whether the need is a daily shampoo and conditioner, restoring hair treatment oil, hydrating lip balm, or a regenerating anti-aging cream, Carrello by Currie is crafted with excellence and provides noticeable results everyone will enjoy. We invite you to explore the Carrello by Currie Olive and Lavender line and see the results for yourself. With Carrello by Currie, science and tradition have brought forth the invention of a beauty line we are proud to produce. Carrello by Currie gives you products to enhance your beauty within, while being “Kind as Nature.”

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