Back to School Skincare…for the boys. By Suzie Gaffney

As a mom of a teenage daughter, I can tell you how different the world of beauty and skincare is then when I grew up. Thanks to Tik-Tok, Instagram and SnapChat, girls are inundated with every new product on the market, and they are willing to buy and try it all. Video influencers show you what to buy and how to use it, so gone are the days of following your mom or your grandmother’s skin care routine.

I’m also a mom to a teenage boy, and, until recently, haven’t really given much thought to his grooming practices. But recently he started with some breakouts on his chin and actually came to me to ask me what to do. I felt so bad. I realized I have never given him any instructions on skincare, hair care, or just anything more than wearing deodorant and brushing your teeth. Boy’s skin actually does go through quite a lot, especially when you add in sports. Helmets, chin straps, and pads all can trap in sweat, dirt and other toxins and irritate their skin, causing breakouts. And although it’s not the end of the world to have a breakout, teenage boys do get to a point where they feel a bit self-conscious and want to look and feel their best.

Luckily men today are finally realizing that a little self-care goes a long way, and their significant others definitely appreciate it! It’s no longer unusual to see a man getting a manicure or pedicure, sometimes even joining their wives for a quick trip to the spa. Most of us share our bathrooms with our husbands or boyfriends and we know how particular we are about the stuff we use for ourselves. Skin care has come a long way for men, there are beautiful products that look as good as they work, so you might not mind sharing some space on your vanity or in your shower.

My favorite is the Jack Black line, available right inside The Currie Apothecary. The beautiful blue packaging is reminiscent of those pretty Capri blue candles that we all love from Anthropolgie, and the black label gives it a bit of a masculine edge. They have everything from facial cleansers to eye cream to skin serums for the face, including sunscreens and lip balms. After all, if we as women are taking the time to look good then we want to help our partners do the same. And, as mothers, it’s up to us to educate our sons on why it’s important to take care of their skin and how to do so. The Currie Apothecary makes it easy because all the products are together and easy to find. No guy wants to go into a pharmacy or department store and stare confusingly at the overwhelming supply of different gels, shampoos and soaps. The Jack Black line simplifies all of it. My favorite is their All-Over Wash for Face, Hair and Body. It’s perfect for any of the boys or men in your home when they just want to quickly get in and out of the shower. And with it being all in one it takes up less room and leaves more room for us to treat ourselves to our favorite products from Currie!

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