My Awesome Beauty Products – By Randy Currie

If you have a passion for beauty products walking in to The Apothecary at Currie in Glen Eagle Square is like walking into Sensory Wonderland- Its exciting to see, smell and touch all the beauty related products. It is because of this feeling that most of our guests visit the Apothecary frequently, and leave with bags filled with the latest and greatest hair, skin and nail products.

Why do we love our products? Some say its the key to youth, others fashion, and other’s confidence. Products help us to achieve the best results for our hair, skin and nails. The products we use make us feel better and look better giving us an instant boost to our mood and confidence.

Beauty products are a simple way to enhance a person’s natural beauty, bringing about a boost of confidence and pleasure. Sometimes fashion influences makeup, nail polish or even styling products. Colors in makeup and nail polish are seasonal and guided by fashion. Its no secret a women can enhance her facial features when applying makeup, and the use of skin care products that decreases wrinkles, puffiness and moisturizes skin can give a feeling of well being and
confidence. Giving you a better version of yourself.

With your busy lifestyle finding a little me time can be challenging, its so important that we take care of ourselves . Time is a precious commodity so is your wellbeing. Find time to enjoy a bath using candles and aromatherapy oils to relax. Have your makeup done in the latest spring colors. How about a facial and ask your your esthetician to recommend new skin care products or just a simple blowout and conditioner! Whatever the case: take care of yourself and use the products
that make you feel good!

Visit your Currie location, The Apothecary at Currie in Glen mills or go online at -free shipping over any $25.00 purchase or free delivery in a 15 mile radius of the Apothecary.

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