At What Age Should You Start Anti-Aging Skin Routine?

At What Age Should You Start Anti-Aging Skin Routine?

Aging is inevitable. Women are very concerned about their skin prematurely aging. The question looms: “should they start using anti-aging products or not?” What is the right age for starting an anti-aging skin care routine? Should you start early or will it is pointless to start before the aging process starts to show? Here’s what we know about fighting those pesky signs of aging:

1. Wear Sunscreen Daily

An anti-aging skin care routine is not using super high maintenance products: it is just a little bit of care here and there. Something as simple as a sunscreen or SPF can save you from excessive damage from aging. From a young age, you should wear sunscreen every day. Whenever you go out, you need to make sure not to forget sunscreen. It is a useful shield to protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Ultraviolet rays are mainly responsible for causing premature aging and wrinkles. To protect yourself from premature aging and sagging, you will need to use an SPF of at least 35 to 50. Also reapplying the sunscreen after every 1 hour or so.

2. Don’t Wait, Start Early

If you are concerned about your skin getting aging too quickly: then don’t wait too long. Start early. The results will surprise you and your skin will thank you. You need to make sure that you are following a skin care routine that caters to your needs and should replenish the skin where it is lacking.
If you feel like your skin is too dry, then you should go for oil based emollient products which will restore your skin’s elasticity. If your skin is too oily, then go for water based products. The right skin care routine will help your skin improve and become better. This is where you can receive recommendations from your esthetician who understands the skincare cycle and how it is replenished. You can voice your concerns about how you want your skin to feel and the esthetician will recommend products which will work better for you.

3. Have A Skin Care Routine

Having a skin care routine in your daily life is a good way to get started. There should be a day time skin routine and a night time skin routine. In your day time skin routine, you should use fast acting products like sunscreens, moisturizer, toners, etc. During the night time, you can use special products which have targeted benefits. For example, you can use retinol for skin sagging, vitamin C for skin brightening, hyaluronic acid for moisture and brightness, caffeine to combat dark circles, etc. You can pick and choose the types of products you want to use on your skin. At night time using concentrated products will help your skin to heal faster and the results will be fast and amazing.

4. Exfoliation Matters

Exfoliation is basically using an abrasive or textured cleaner, to help buff off the dead skin cells. Dead skin cells need to be removed to allow cell wall renewal and cell turnover. Cell wall renewal and cell turnover helps the better and newer skin to grow while removing the old and rough skin away. This makes the facial skin look a lot brighter, tight and spotless. Exfoliation can be done physically with a cleanser or chemically where acids gently peel off the dead skin layer on top, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or Hydrafacials in the Currie Day Spa.

5. Serums Are Better

As mentioned above, concentrated products are better for the skin. Serums are preferable to moisturizers because serums contain active ingredients. They absorb into the skin quickly and start their work. Another plus point of serums is that you can use it underneath your makeup and it will act as a slick primer. Your skin will feel better and the pores will also be less noticeable.

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