Are Ergo Ceramic Ionic Brushes Any Good?

Are Ergo Ceramic Ionic Brushes Any Good?

What is the worst-case scenario for a woman? A BAD HAIR DAY!!! Hair plays an important part in your personality and looks. If your hair is in perfect condition, soft, smooth, tamed and shiny, you feel on top of the world and if it is frizzy, messy, tangled and dull it can affect our confidence.

A typical day starts with a shower and then styling your hair. You can choose whether to do a straight blow-dry or get wavy and romantic locks, loose curls or tight curls. Whatever style you opt for, you would want soft, shiny and tangle-free smooth hair. If you have naturally frizzy, dry, dull and thick hair then the morning hair routine could surely take up a lot of your time.

Ergo is a company that specializes in hair styling tools. Recently, their new launch is an advanced technology on its own. The ergo ceramic ionic brushes.

These round brushes are of the latest revolutionary technology and come in 5 sizes so that you can curl, wave or blowout your hair according to your need. They have many features which make these round brushes stand out from the rest.

1. Resistance To Heat

The bristles of the brush are made up of nylon which is infused with a unique natural crystal material known as the Tourmaline Crystal Complex. The ceramic coating on the other hand retains the heat which gives your hair a maximum polishing and shiny effect. The bristles can withstand heat up to 500°F and it prevents melting of the bristles even after this temperature due to the addition of carbon in it.

2. Extra Long Size

The handle of the round brushes is 20% longer barrel than compared to other brushes.
The extra-long handle and barrel make styling easier for less tired hands and reduced hand fatigue. It also makes it easier to reach each and every part of your hair for styling. The handle is made up of silicone, which allows a thorough grip for your hands even when they are wet or full of products.

3. Suitable For All Types Of Hair

The best part about these brushes is that they can tame, manage, detangle and soften all types of thick, unruly, dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair easily. The tourmaline crystal complex is responsible for it as well as the design of the brush. The result will be smooth, shiny hair which does not get unruly in humidity and the effect lasts longer. So you will face frizz-free and shiny hair every time you blow-dry.

4. Zero Hair Static

The worst thing you face when you use heat styling products is static electroactivity on your hair. The ergo round brush will give you next to zero static electricity. The reason is that the nylon bristles along with the crystals create a negative ionic charge. The ions in the bristles attract the electrons in the atoms causing a negative charge as opposed to static electricity which causes flyaway hair and makes them stand at one end. The negative electric charge pulls the hair together hence the sleek and tamed look of the hair. This along with the ceramic coating which smoothly revolves the hair around it and the tourmaline crystal flattens down the ends of the hair giving a sleek and reflective shine and smoothness.

5. No Hair Snagging

The seamless handle design and the recessed end cap prevents the hair from snagging. Your hair won’t be pulled or get caught between the bristles.

6. Different Sizes To Choose From

Whether you like tighter curls, wavy hair, loose curls or a blow-dried look, you can choose the size of the round brush according to your preferences. There are 5 sizes available.
· ER 25CI = 1 ½”
· ER 33CI = 1 ¾”
· ER 43CI = 2 ¼”
· ER 53CI = 2 ¾”
· ER 65CI = 3 ½”
You can buy according to your needs.

7. Long-Lasting And Less Heat Damage

The blow-dry result will be long lasting just like a salon blowout; smooth, shiny and beautiful. Also, it works quickly on the hair so less heat will be used so less damage from the heat.

If you want a shiny and sleek salon-like blow dry every time which lasts longer and is fast then you should buy the ergo ceramic ionic brush.

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