6 Ways To Practice Self Care

April is Stress Awareness Month and we want to help you reduce some of the stress from your life. One way to reduce stress is to focus on self-care! Here are some simple and easy ways you can implement self-care in your life.

1. Adequate Rest

Did you know that proper rest and sleep counts as self-care? Well, if you didn’t, you are in for a surprise. Yes, sleep is essential for your mind, body and soul. Adequate sleep and rest will give you so much energy and you will find yourself being in a happier mood. Sleeping for 8 to 9 hours every night will heal your body from the inside.
Once your soul and body are refreshed, you will feel much better and it will improve your mood. Many people skimp out on sleep, which is detrimental in the long run. Taking care of the peace and energy of your body is so important and it will do only good for you in future.

2. Exercise

Moving your body and keeping it active will make you feel good on the inside and out. Exercise doesn’t have to involve a heavy workout if you are just starting out. It can be something as simple as a 30-minute walk, a small jog around your neighbourhood or it can be light limb movements. Your body needs to get used to moving, so if you are new at working out, make sure that you are taking it slow and letting your body get the hang of it.

3. Yoga And Meditation

The combination of blissful yoga and peaceful meditation is just what you need to clear your brain from all the stress and anxiety you are feeling. Yoga is a great form of exercise and it helps to flex your body and allow you to relax. Meditation, on the other hand, is a great way to control your breathing as well as your thoughts. Meditation is a great exercise for the brain to help get rid of negative thoughts while focusing solely on the rising and falling of your chest.

4. Positive Affirmations

Did you know that pep talks really work if you are consistent with them? Positive affirmations are a kind of pep talk you give yourself over and over again, to tell you that you are worthy, you are enough, you are loved and you are giving yourself the love you give to the world.
It’s very important to stick to affirmations because they seemingly work like magic. It is almost like an illusion and it manifests these thoughts in your mind and soul so that you can strive to become a better version of yourself. It’s better to repeat these affirmations while you are looking at yourself in the mirror, so it feels like a friend is giving you a pep talk.

5. Throw In A Pampering Evening

Nothing speaks self-care more than a relaxing bath, winding down and pampering your body. Whether it’s a hot and invigorating shower or a relaxing bath, it will put you in a good mood. This is where you can go all out with your skincare routine too. Fish out all of your favourite masks, toners, moisturizers, etc. and give your skin some love. You can also whip up a snack or two while you are at it. It is all about taking time out for yourself and showing yourself some love.

6. Eating Good Food

Self-care also comes from the food you put in your body. Healthy, organic and fresh foods are what your body needs to thrive. While you are allowed to indulge in your guilty pleasures when it comes to food, it is also necessary that you eat a balanced diet every day, which contains all of the nutrients and minerals you need to make your body stronger and healthier. Foods like leafy greens, nuts, fruits, fish, dairy, meat, etc. are going to give your body the energy it needs.
Who says self-care has to be super expensive? It can be something simple as the things mentioned above. Self-care is a very important tool that all people should use in order to become better versions of themselves.

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