6 Things To Know About Vidal Sassoon

If you are linked in anyway with the beauty and hair salon business or a fashion enthusiast in general, then you have probably heard about the famous Vidal Sassoon. His influence has shaped many aspects of the beauty industry and even inspired our owner Randy Currie to go to London to attend the Sassoon Academy in the start of his career! Currently many of the Currie team visits the Sassoon academies for advanced education and perfecting of their craft: as his influence its greatly lives on!

Vidal Sassoon is an icon in hairstyling and precision haircutting and is considered one of the best hairdressers of the 20th century. He was especially known to popularize minimalist and easy to wear hairstyles. His most notable work was the very famous Bob Cut. But these little pieces of information on Vidal Sassoon can easily be Googled. The information we want to share with you is something a little more special. Something that every Vidal admirer and fan needs to know.

1. London born, Vidal and his younger brother spent a better part of their childhood in a Jewish orphanage as their parents had divorced. Vidal’s mother only used to meet him and his brother once a month during their time in the orphanage. By the time he turned 11, his mother had remarried and took both her sons back from the orphanage.

2. In his younger days, he joined a veteran militia organization of the Jews, the 43 Group. The group was largely involved in breaking up Fascist meetings being held in East London after World War II. These encounters led him to show up bruised at work many times.

3. Vidal’s mother, Betty had a premonition, during Vidal’s teen years that he would be a famous hairdresser. This is when his mother took him to Adolf Cohen’s salon to inquire about apprenticeship. Cohen, apparently quoted a huge amount as a fee for the apprenticeship which forced Betty to go ahead and leave the salon with her son. Sassoon didn’t want to be a hairdresser and was relieved to hear this. As he opened the door to Cohen’s salon for his mother, he tipped his hat in a gesture of respect. Adolf Cohen observed this and was so impressed by the boy’s demeanor that he waived the apprenticeship fee completely and took Vidal under his wing.

4. During the early days of his London salon, as he was developing his signature styles, he was known to have quite a temper. He had been seen many times storming out of his salon and throwing his scissors away if a cut hadn’t looked the way he wanted.

5. When he moved to the United States, he was approached to host a show on beauty and fitness with his wife. After doing 200 episodes he quit the show to focus his attention on his product line.

6. He was heard saying on record that he wanted to be an architect if he had the opportunity and the education.
Hope some of these facts amuse and impress you as much as they did us. If you know any such facts about Vidal Sassoon, we are all ears to learn and listen to them. Until next time!

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