5 Simple Tips To Fix Mistakes We Almost All Make When Putting On Makeup

Have you ever been putting on your makeup and when everything is going well, you suddenly make a mistake that ruins all of your effort? Have you had to take off your makeup because, without meaning to, you’ve ruined your makeup? Surely you have: happens to all of us.

In this article, you will find five of the most common mistakes and the best tips to quickly fix them without having to take off all of your makeup!

“I Put on Too Much Foundation”

This is a very common mistake that we all make when we put on makeup. If you are totally made up, to take off any excess foundation, do the following:

  • Lightly moisten a clean sponge with water (the sponge should be almost dry and without any makeup residue) and sponge all of your face with downward movements.

TIP: It’s very important, most of all, to avoid excess foundation and concealer around the eyes. To eliminate any excess in this area, perform the same step, and afterward, use your fingertips to softly blur the product in that area.

“My Eyeshadow Looks too Dark”

If you’ve put on too much eyeshadow, or it looks too dark, follow these steps to quickly fix the problem:

  • If it happened on your upper eyelid, blur the eyeshadow toward the edges with a clean brush to reduce the color. If it still looks very dark, apply a little bit of matte cream eyeshadow with a brush (if you don’t have cream eyeshadow, you can use translucent powder) and blur the eyeshadow.
  • If it happened on the lower part of your eye, use a fine, clean brush to blur, or pat it softly with a Q-tip.
  • If as you were blurring, you’ve left the contour of the eyelid and the shadow looks very dark, blur it with a clean sponge and afterward apply a little bit of foundation, patting lightly to fix the foundation.

“I Put on Too Much Blush”

If you applied too much blush, try the following tip:

  • Stroke your cheek with a thick, loose powder brush—the brush should be completely clean. If you still have too much blush on, apply translucent or clear powder with the same brush, just over the blush. That way the two powders should mix, clarifying the original color.

“I Put too Much Makeup on my Eyebrows”

When we put too much makeup on our brows it can totally change our look. Follow the following tip to quickly solve this:

  • Simply brush the eyebrow with a clean Q-tip, going against the grain of your eyebrow. You will see how quickly the color you initially applied disappears.

“I Smeared Mascara on My Eyelid”

That’s all right. Just follow these next steps and you’ll see how you can quickly fix the problem:

  • Continue applying makeup and when you have finished, allowing enough time for the mascara to dry, apply a Q-tip right over the smudge. You’ll see how it quickly disappears and you don’t need to remove the makeup from your whole eye.

TIP: A good trick to avoid smudging is applying makeup first to your inferior eyelashes and then to the superior.

There you have it, simple tricks to fix small mistakes!

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