5 Circadia Products You Should Be Using Everyday

5 Circadia Products You Should Be Using Everyday

Your skin should be fresh and free from impurities so that it can breathe properly. Your face very susceptible to catching dirt and dust making its way into the pores of your skin causing it to look dark and dull. There are a great number of skin care products available from Circadia to keep your skin healthy: here’s a looking at 5 we love:

1. Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser

This is our top seller: we cannot keep it on the shelves! This product is used to deeply cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate your skin. People with oily skin notice clear results because the patented microbeads of beeswax in this cleanser absorb every particle of oil on your skin. The micro-exfoliating honey cleanser is safe to use twice a day. In the end, your skin becomes so super smooth that you won’t be able to resist touching it over and over again.

2. Vitamin A Boosting Cream

When you treat your skin with vitamin A, it provides several amazing benefits such as:
· Protection against UV rays by making skin less sensitive to the sun
· Promoting the production of healthy skin cells
· Slowing aging signs
· Protecting skin from bacterial infections
The Vitamin A boosting cream, along with the aforementioned benefits due to vitamin A, also provides the following benefits:
· It restores skin’s youthfulness by reducing the signs of aging
· It repairs the damages caused by UV rays
· Improves discoloration and blemishes
Vitamin A boosting cream can be used on keratinized, dull, UV-damaged and rough skin.

3. Blue Bamboo Exfoliator for Body

Scrubs are used to exfoliate the dead cells from your skin making it silky and smooth. Use blue bamboo exfoliator for body to eliminate the rough and dead cells from your skin.
· This product creates a luxurious lather that helps to exfoliate the skin gently
· Cleanses the entire body
· Eliminates the impurities that are resting in the pores of your body
· The product is made of natural exfoliators that leave your skin super silky and soft
· The blue bamboo exfoliator is safe for all skin types

4. AquaPorin Hydrating Cream

If you struggle with dry skin that seems to always lack moisture: the aquaporin hydrating cream is a great option! It’s natural oils are all about hydration and giving your skin the moisture it’s craving and needs!
Can be used twice a day for best results
Regenerates the skin for softness and smoothness

5. Daytime Control Lotion

Lotions are used to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day. Circadia’s daytime control lotion contains patented antimicrobial peptides along with a tripeptide which helps to enhance the defense mechanism of skin against damages.
· Excessive secretion of the sebum is controlled by the phytosterols and lignans present in the lotion
· There are other natural botanical extracts as well in the lotion that keeps the skin smooth, soft and silky.
· It protects the skin from damages caused by sunlight, pollution and dirt
· Daytime control lotion controls breakouts in the skin as well
· This Circadia lotion is normally recommended for those with acne-prone skin

With all these amazing products mentioned above its easy to start your skincare routine today! Your skin needs care and attention to fight against the elements! Try these great recommendations today that our estheticians and guests all love!

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