The Benefits of Circadia Products

Everyone knows that flawless skin needs a lot of maintenance, especially if you are among those of us who aren’t blessed with flawless skin and struggle with finding products that address your specific skin issues. You would know through a lot of wasted cash and skin damage that most over-the-counter products are ineffective in addressing specific skin issues.

According to data, Americans spent over $11.8 billion on aesthetic procedures, which include more invasive skin care procedures like lasers, fillers, and surgical treatments.

People want to look their best, but getting treatments from a dermatologist or a trained aesthetician is just one aspect of a holistic skin care plan. If you do not take care of your skin before and after your aesthetic procedures, you will probably see less effective and short-term results.

For the best skin care results, it is advisable to follow a regime of medical-grade skincare products. This is where medical-grade products like Circadia are helpful. These products are made with pharmaceutical-grade formulations with a 99% + concentration of active ingredients to offer users optimal skin health results.

Medical-grade products must have 99% pure ingredients to clear their regulatory classification, which OTC products don’t need. This makes such products more effective in penetrating deeper into the skin’s layers to address underlying concerns.

However, Circadia is not just another medical-grade product. It is a beauty care brand launched by the late Dr. Peter T. Pugliese. He was the first physician to use medical science to tackle skin issues through his textbook Advanced Professional Skin Care. The book introduced aestheticians to the basics of cosmetic chemistry. He is still a significant influence in the skin care industry.

About Circadia

Circadia is an advanced professional skincare brand with products that work with the skin and body’s internal and natural circadian rhythms. Most of Circadia’s products use chronobiology, the science of protecting the skin from external damage during the day and stimulating its internal repair mechanism while we sleep.

About Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms are developed over time and partly influenced by the earth’s day-night cycle. Research shows that several areas of our brain maintain an internal “clock,” establishing these circadian rhythms in all warm-blooded animals.

Studies also prove that these “clocks” are run by a set of genes that control different bodily functions in the human body. The main circadian clock is in the brain’s hypothalamus gland. This synchronizes the clocks in peripheral tissues like the skin. All layers of our skin have some form of circadian clock.

Circadia’s Product Range

Circadia products are made with a carefully curated mix of pure botanicals, second-generation vitamins, innovative peptide technology, and stem cells to offer effective formulations that help you achieve peak skin health and beauty.

Circadia products are made using high-quality medical-grade natural skin care products. They are designed by doctors who know about skin conditions and treatments and are intended for use on all skin types.

Circadia offers its users more effective treatment options than other brands. These specialized products can be included in a regular skincare routine and help users address many skin conditions, such as aging, acne, dehydration, pigmentation, rosacea, and sun damage.

Ethically Sourced and Pure

All Circadia products are free from parabens, SLS, fragrances, dyes, and skin irritants. The company ethically sources all ingredients in its products and does not test them on animals.

Circadia’s highly effective chemical peels, in particular, do not contain harsh chemicals that can potentially damage your skin. They use all-natural products and are effective for all skin types.

This makes Circadia’s products safe for most people and the environment. If you have specific allergies, you can discuss them with your beautician or vendor before buying a product.

Availability of Circadia’s Products

Like most medical or pharmaceutical-grade skin care products, Circadia’s products are less accessible compared to mainstream skincare. Currie Hair Skin & Nails carries a wide range of genuine Circadia products to help you get the most out of your skincare routine.

You can tap into your body’s natural rhythms by using products designed with ingredients that can help rejuvenate your skin. Browse our online selection of Circadia products and start an effective skincare journey today.

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