Our after shave lotion combines the fragrance characteristics of an eau de toilette and rich, complex formulation of a cream moisturizer to produce a soothing post-shave experience.

For centuries the population of Sardinia, a popular island in the Mediterranean, have been using the the plant of Mirto (Myrtus communis leaf) for its uniquely calming curative properties. From the Mirto leaf we extracted the essential oils of this plant to give toning and dermatological purifying properties to this after shave. Its mix of natural active ingredients in high concentrations are specially designed for a man’s skin and each deliver unique and valuable skin benefits:

  • Mirto oil: Toning, Dermopurifying
  • Urea: Moisturizing, Softening
  • Vitamin E: anti-inflammatory, emollient
  • Almond*: Soothing, Emollient
  • Roman Chamomile: Soothing, Antibacterial, Emollient, Refreshing
  • Vitamin B-5: Moisturizing, Emollient, Soothing
  • Aloe*: Cicatrizing
  • Lavender: Antibacterial, Moisturizing

Pack Available: 4.2 fl oz (125ml)


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