Guest Post: Suzie Gaffney- Owner of Suzie Gaffney Styling

Women are busy….

really, super, extremely busy. And while getting dressed up for an event sounds like fun the reality can be a lot more challenging when it comes to time. Most of us are trying to balance work with our families needs. How many of you have spent what you think you have scheduled as your time to get ready pleading with your son to get dressed while you search for his dress shoes? How about that last minute run to the dry cleaner to grab your daughter’s dress? Or ironing your husband’s shirt? Rushing out to buy a gift? Does this sound familiar to you? This is typical in our house and I end up with not enough time, not enough patience and I feel like a frazzled mess. It was time for me to outsource to the experts.

Designer Ashely Goodz washed, dried and gave me glorious curled hair. Makeup artist Jackie Roesing primed, painted, powered and added lashes for extra glam! Driving home I felt fabulous all that was left was to throw on my dress! I spent only 1.5 hours at the salon got to settle in, answer emails, and sip tea while the ladies worked their magic!

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