Cold-weather drinks you can try at home

Winter is here, and we are all enjoying the cool breeze of sweater weather. It’s always great to have warm drinks in this weather. Whether it’s before going to work every day or meeting out with friends, having warm winter drinks is always a great idea. There are many drinks that you can easily make yourself in the comfort of your home. We will be discussing a few winter drinks that you can try this winter and enjoy with your family and friends.

When in doubt, always go for coffee!

Coffee is undoubtedly the most popular drink all year round. So many people rely on the caffeine hit to help them survive the day. Whether it’s late-night studying or just a social gathering with friends or family, coffee is always a popular choice. There are so many different ways that coffee can be made. Everyone has their own preferences, however usually in the winters people have hot coffee such as cappuccino, americano, macchiato, latte etc. Iced coffee options are always available, however, less commonly consumed in winter.

Hot chocolate

This is another very popular drink in winter. It is a non-caffeinated drink, that is thoroughly enjoyed by adults and children alike. Marshmallows are added on top, and this warm drink is a popular choice throughout the season. It can be made using hot water or hot milk, depending on individual preference, and usually, a sweetener is also added to enhance the taste of this drink. Since everything goes great with chocolate you can always add yummy mix-ins like vanilla, chocolate chips or even a dash of coffee!


Like coffee, tea is also drunk all year round, and many tea-lovers enjoy this drink regardless of the weather. However, the consumption of tea increases during winter, as it is always nice to have a warm cup of drink, in this weather. It can easily be made at home. There are many different types of tea, each with its own distinctive taste and aroma.

  • Chai:

Chai is a kind of tea that is made by brewing black tea leaves or powder. Loose tea powder or tea bags can be used to prepare this tea. Most people also like to add milk and sugar to their chai, according to their taste palette. The drink is immensely popular in the South-Asian region.

  • Green tea:

This is another great option among warm drinks for winter. Also, it is a caffeinated drink with a very low small of caffeine. It has great health benefits as well, such as helping with indigestion, heartburn and reflux symptoms. There are many different brands of green tea available, with a variety of different flavors. It is an easy drink to make at home. All you need is warm water and green tea bags. Some people also like to add lemon to their green tea, which not only enhances the taste but also adds an extra dose of vitamin C.

  • Ginger Tea:

A cup of warm, spicy ginger tea has been used for a long time for many health benefits. It is thought to help with nausea and stomach pain. The drink can easily be made with just a few basic ingredients. All you need to do is, add a small piece of peeled ginger to boiling water and let it brew. After a few minutes, you can pour it into a cup, and add honey for a better taste. It also helps with flu symptoms that are common in winter.

Hot buttered rum

People often prefer having rum in winter, as it gives them warmth. We have a great idea which can help you improvise your drink and make it even more suitable for this weather. Melt butter in a pan, and add boiling water, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a dash of salt. Let it brew for a few minutes and then pour it into cups. Add your favorite rum to the drink and enjoy this perfect cup of buttered rum.

We hope that this article helped in giving you some great ideas about the winter drinks that you can enjoy with your family and friends. The holiday season adds a feel of festivity and celebration in winter, and it is always nice to have some go-to drinks that you can create at home to sip away, whether it is at work, or in a family gathering. There are many ways you can make your drinks, and experiment with your recipes.

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