Irina Angelova is a self-taught abstract artist, art curator at The Healing Cottage and owner of Arts by Angelova. She began expressing love for creating and gathering inspiration as a young child growing up in Ruse, Bulgaria, a cultural treasure and an ancient Thracian settlement situated at the banks of the Danube river.

After settling in Delaware in her early twenties, Irina Aneglova gave more room for that love to grow by working in fashion, textiles, design, home staging and remodeling. While she prefers to work mostly with acrylic, Irina Angelova experiments and creates in many mediums.

These mediums include but are not limited to resin, mixed-media, mosaics, woodwork, clay, cement and more, with one goal in mind and one message to get across. Her message and goal is to share that love is all we need, and love conquers all. By capturing a grasp of that energy and laying it on canvas with the help of strings and chains, she hopes to make our world more beautiful and peaceful one piece of artwork at a time.