Welcome to the PRONTO: Conversations of Life Podcast with Randy Currie and Vincenza Carrieri- Russo, as we discuss all the beautiful things life has to offer, including fashion, self-care, our goals and inspirations, favorite memories, current events and more! The sky's the limit!

Our weekly one-hour podcast will stream Mondays at 3:00 pm on the Currie Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also find it on Spotify to listen to whenever is convenient for you! Each week will be exciting and unique as we welcome guests from all walks of life, industries, experiences and expertise. We hope you join us on this journey of sharing beauty and inspiration together!

Episode Eight: The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

Randy and Vincenza speak with Mackenzie Blithe and Rosalia Ramos from the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC) empowers communities by raising awareness of breast health issues by educating the community, providing outreach to under-served communities, connecting survivors to local resources, and enriching the lives of those living with breast cancer while promoting a healthy community.

Episode Seven: India Sage Williams

On This Episode of Pronto, Randy and VIncenza sit down with India Sage Williams and find out what it means to be a brand communication strategist.

Episode six: The Ultimate Wedding Gift

Randy and Vincenza sit down with Matiko Mamaladze, an internationally recognized and award-winning artist, whose paintings are in collections in both Europe and the United States.

Episode Five: Giving Back is a Lifestyle

Randy and Vincenza speak with Dennis who is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health. Dennis has conducted numerous debriefings in domestic and international disasters and tragedies including the WTC in NYC, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, and the Las Vegas Shootings to name a few.

Episode Four: Immediate Skincare Results

Amy Jacobi is an aesthetic industry veteran with over a decade of experience working with one of the country’s most renowned plastic surgeons in the Philadelphia area and now as a Business Development Manager with Hydrafacial. Having struggled with skincare issues herself, she has a passion for the industry and helping others look and feel their best.

Episode Three: PRONTO w/Patricia Mae Maristch

Patricia Mae Maristch is the owner of Piqued PR, the host of The Preppy Podcast and a lifestyle influencer. She loves to decorate colorfully, entertain in style and enjoy a glass of bubbles. A graduate from Immaculata University with a degree in communications and fashion merchandising and a passion in entrepreneurship. She has spoken at many conferences on PR and business as well as has been featured on Fox 29, in Main Line Today and more.

Episode Two: Featured Guest Suzie Gaffney

Suzie Gaffney Styling was created in 2011 to help women get dressed without getting stressed. She thinks of herself as a personal trainer for her clients’ closets and their wardrobes

Episode One: Featured Guest Dr. Mena Rajan

Join with us as we kick-off the podcast with our truly inspirational guest Dr. Mena Rajan. We discuss all things acupuncture, self-care, yoga and more! Plus Randy’s recent hike of the Grand Canyon!


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