Bathing in the sea can help enrich the skin and detoxify the body thanks to the abundance of sodium, magnesium, and calcium in the water. Bring the benefits of salt water to your bath with this blend of sea salt, organic seaweed, and kelp. This gift box perfectly captures both the scent and the rich mineral content of seawater. The sea lover in your life will enjoy the stimulating scent and rich mineral content of our Sea Foam salt soak along with our most popular Sea Loofa exfoliating soap. When you can’t spend time by the sea, bring the sea to your bathroom.

The Seaside Retreat includes:
Sea Foam Salt Soak
Sea Loofa Exfoliating Bath Bar
Sisal Scrubber
Pumice Stone
Linden Shower Gel
Bamboo Lotus Perfume Roll-on
Arrives wrapped and ready to give in a 100% recyclable gift box.


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