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Sandra Miller Knitwear

Bio: “I design and create knitwear for women to wear anytime whether a dressy occasion, a casual event, or to complement her career wardrobe. They are the pieces you can easily reach for knowing that they’ll always look beautifully effortless and ensure confidence.”

As the creative director of her company, Sandra designs all of her knitwear. She selects the yarns and accessories, traveling worldwide to seek the highest quality and most fascinating materials. She supervises all knitwear production, overseeing the work of several expert knitters across the United States and completing much of the hand-finishing work herself. This enables her to ensure that her clients receive the finest workmanship possible.

Sandra’s success is due to her artistic talent, business experience, and educational background. To enter the field, Sandra studied Applied Fashion Design, graduating with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design. Before launching Sandra Miller Knitwear in 1986, Sandra worked for years as a fashion designer in New York City. She gained extensive experience in pattern making, draping, and fitting.

From her start as a youngster learning to sew and knit from her mother and grandmother to her distinction today as a major creative force in the textile and fashion world, Sandra’s craft has been characterized by imagination and quality. She continues to grow as she creates unusual and visually exciting sweaters for her clients’ knitwear collections.

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Irina Angelova

Bio: Irina Angelova is a self-taught abstract artist, art curator at The Healing Cottage and owner of Arts by Angelova. She began expressing love for creating and gathering inspiration as a young child growing up in Ruse, Bulgaria, a cultural treasure and an ancient Thracian settlement situated at the banks of the Danube river.

After settling in Delaware in her early twenties, Irina Aneglova gave more room for that love to grow by working in fashion, textiles, design, home staging and remodeling. While she prefers to work mostly with acrylic, Irina Angelova experiments and creates in many mediums.

These mediums include but are not limited to resin, mixed-media, mosaics, woodwork, clay, cement and more, with one goal in mind and one message to get across. Her message and goal is to share that love is all we need, and love conquers all. By capturing a grasp of that energy and laying it on canvas with the help of strings and chains, she hopes to make our world more beautiful and peaceful one piece of artwork at a time.

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Matiko Mamaladze

Bio: “Painting is emotions, colors, and moods stirring the soul. When painting, Matiko Mamaladze creates art. She feels it, breathes it, dreams it, and finds herself in it. Raised in a family as richly saturated in art as her paintings are in color, this passion was almost inevitable. Her works are enchanting on many levels; they depict beautiful, emotionally vivid stories, played out by characters that masterfully draw empathy from the viewer.

Even when she isn’t holding a palette and brush (or just as often, a palette knife), Matiko is immersed in her unique perception of the world – a perception that almost always finds its way onto her canvases.

Matiko feels the strongest, happiest, and most free when she paints. Her figures don’t cast shadows, intentionally: “I find life mystical, dreamlike, and my subjects float in space,” she says. Linseed oil is in Matiko’s blood. She begins painting abstractly, large masses and shapes leading her to concrete compositions. This reflects her life, where nothing is certain. “It’s self-sculpting; I simply guide it along,” describes Matiko.

“There are no sketches or plans. Canvas is the surface upon which I create the future with my heart, mind, and brush”.

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Amanda B. Kimball

Bio: Amanda comes from a family of painters, architects and engineers, “noticers”, who taught her to see the wonder in the world around her.
They were also prolific letter writers, sending the details of their lives to each other through the mail, and then saving those letters, for generations.
Working primarily in watercolor and pen and ink, Amanda has continued that tradition by creating not just a card, but a keepsake; one that is pretty enough to prop on a fireplace mantle or tuck into the corner of a front hall mirror.

Amanda has a background in design and marketing, including participating in a decorator show house, and has spent over a decade working in some of the most iconic historic houses and buildings on the East Coast. These experiences, and a lifetime of “noticing”, inform her paintings and the commissioned work she does for private clients today. Currently she is developing a series of larger works and painting patterns for fabric and textile projects.

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