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Lancaster Pike
November 2012

Dilworthtown Crossing

Power, performance and pleasure are the defining elements of the men's portfolio of spa treatment and grooming services. Just ask and our team will help you construct the spa experience.


"The Man" Facial
Designed specifically for men to exfoliate and soften the skin, while addressing sensitivity and irritation due to shaving.
60 min. $95
Series of 6 $475

"New York Minute" Facial
If you have a tight schedule, but wants to look fresh, we will provide you with all of the essentials of a facial in a "New York Minute". Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize but in a fraction of the time.
30 min. $71
Series of 6 $355

The Face-Less Facial
This treatment is designed to tackle two other acne troubled spots: your back and chest. Steam is used to open pores before a deep cleanse lifts trapped build-up. Particularly stubborn blackheads will be removed during the gentle extraction process. Then, an exfoliating peel sloughs off pore-plugging debris and dries up existing blemishes. We round-out the treatment with a soothing clay mask that delivers a hearty dose of vitamins and locks in moisture.
60 min. $100

Hair Removal:
Upper Back $63 & up
Lower back $26 & up
Chest $42 & up
Neck Line $26 & up
Eye brows grooming $18 & up
Ears $15 & up

Deep Tissue Massage
Soothe chronic tension. Soothe acute muscle tension. Our Deep Tissue Massage provides relief of chronic tension through slow, deliberate strokes of deep pressure on contracted muscles. To ensure comfort, our skilled massage therapist quantifies your personal level of pressure before and during the massage to ensure your comfort.
60 min. $105
Series of 6 $525

A unique method of using the thumb and forefinger to stimulate over 7,200 nerve ending in each foot to eliminate energy blockages believed to produce pain and disease.
30 min. $58
60min $89
*with exfoliation and hydrating/revitalizing mask

Grooming Manicure
As the name suggests this no-frills grooming service gives hands and nails a thorough cleaning.

Use of a shower is available. Inform a Salon Coordinator that you would like to make use of the shower when making your appointment.
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