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Inspired by timeless relaxation rituals, infused with powerful active ingredients and enhanced by the healing touch of our bodywork specialists these head-to-toe treatments cater to the entire mind-body system.


Aging Repair Body Treatment
Counteract the adverse effects of stress, pollution and aging with this total body rejuvenation based on Polynesian kamani oil. Used for generations to protected and rejuvenate the skin, this precious elixir promotes cellular renewal and provides antioxidant value to improve texture, elasticity and overall skin function. Particularly beneficial for urban warriors and world travelers.
One Session $121
Series of 6 $605

Detoxifying Mud Treatments
Purifying and stimulating, a customized blend of seaweed and marine extracts activates the metabolism, remineralizes the skin and encourages elimination of toxins. Immediate and lasting benefits are enhanced by a series of progressive detoxification treatments.
One Session $116
Series of 6 $580

Organic Body Treatment
A select blend of organic botanicals, antioxidants and vegetable extracts functions as a nourishing elixir for the skin, promoting a healthy glow, improved tone and lasting hydration. The perfect preparation for a special event or romantic evening. Great for Moms to Be!
One Session $110
Series of 6 $550

Self Tanner
Begin this relaxing service with an exfoliation, uncovering smoother, softer skin.Our safe tan is not a mere self-tanner. It is primarily a moisturizer with coloring added. As this thin brown liquid is applied, you will be amazed at the instant transformation from pale to perfect. Each application results in healthy skin with an even, natural-looking tan that fades gradually over the course of a week. As you continue to use safe tan, your skin becomes more and more hydrated. You will find there is no need to moisturize your body.
60 min. $84 & up
Self tanner plus exfoliation $121 & up

Tips for a Great Tan
Shower before you come, preferably with a deodorant bar soap - not liquid. The safe tan must be the first thing on clean skin. Moisturizers and oils interfere with the skin's absorption of the safe tan product. If you ignore this, you ill get color, but it will not be long-lasting and it will be splotchy and harder to apply. It is not necessary to exfoliate before application, however, a professional scrub can be wonderful. Body lotions should not be used. The safe tan will moisturize your body. Continued use will have your skin be ever-so-moist.

Do not shower until next day. You may use any soap to rinse off the excess (if any). You can do everything you normally do, wear anything you please. The safe tan product will not rub off on your clothes once it is set & you have showered. You can use perfumes, sunscreens, shampoos, etc. Shave your legs, swim, hot tub, workout, whatever... the tan is there to stay.

A perfect complement to any Facial or Body Services.

Eye & Neck Replenishing & Firming
This treatment provides a profound nourishing and firming effect to these delicate areas, reducing appearance of lines and wrinkles to make the skin appear firmer.
*additional 15min with any treatment $47

Firming Eye Treatment
Complete your facial experience with the finishing touch of this rejuvenating eye treatment. Immediate and cumulative effects include: lifting, firming, hydrating reduction of dark circles and eye puffiness.

Age Recover Booster Treatment
AHA's and Vitamin C helps to stimulate Collagen.

Purifying Mask
For break outs and black heads
*additional 15min with any treatment $26

Warmed Scalp Massage
Relax and enjoy as a warmed unique blend of oil is drizzled upon your scalp, followed by a stimulating scalp massage. This treatment helps to invigorate the hair follicles promoting healthy, shinny hair.
*additional 15min with any treatment $37 / with blowdry $60

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